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About Projeсt

In search of additional income on the Internet, the first thing that comes to mind of every person is passive income. All conditions for passive earnings with and without investments have been created in the SP MANAGEMENT project. We offer - a modern design, a unique script developed on a popular framework, reliable functionality and several types of earnings. Our project may well become your main source of income, the amount of which depends solely on you.

Our team has created a highly balanced, secure and incorruptible project aimed at meeting the needs of international investors. Balanced short-term plans.

Reliable protection will stand for smooth functioning and SSL Certificate will grant datasecure of our Investors. Transparent statistic information allows to Every Participant to track projectdevelopment and stability of its workflow.

We planned a marketing and PR campaign in advance based on the experience of top monitoring systems combined with a flexible referral system. This allows each investor to earn 5% on the First, 2% on the second and 1% on the third attracted deposit without additional investments. Our project works like a financial pyramid (payments to investors are made from new deposits), we are open to investors from all over the world without territorial restrictions. Thanks for attention! We wish you a successful and profitable investment in our project.

Live Statistics

  • Project works:46
  • Users on-line:240
  • New member:2006 spec v
  • Total deposits:$1875.17
  • Total withdraw:$14.93
Affiliate System
5% - 2% - 1%